About Asiatan

Asiatan is a full service, development tannery. We specialize in many types of leather including cow hide full-grain and split, goat and sheep. Located in Southern China, Asiatan ships locally and around the world.

We supply the world’s most iconic brands including Nike, Timberland, Ariat, Clarks and Vans (just to name a few).

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What We Make...

Asiatan is known for making compelling commercial leathers for famous brands all over the world.

We have a wide range of products to choose from from classic looks to unique and novel.

Environmental Policy

We take environmental policy very seriously. Our policy is that we are a pollution control facility with a tannery attached. To that end, our every goal it to ensure that we leave the smallest impact on the planet. Our LWG Gold rated tannery sets the bar for pollution treatment, energy efficiency and raw material traceability world wide.

Reduction In Waste

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