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We’re a full service tannery that caters to footwear brands both large and small. Our objective is to deliver the best variety of leather to suit the needs of our customers.


We believe that attention to detail and customer service are the key selling points to our business. And the world’s most successful brands agree.


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Asiatan is known for creating some of the most interesting leathers for the broad-use footwear industry. We make fast fashion happen and specialty development… well, special.


Our goal is to find our customer’s unique fingerprint and make leather to differentiate them.




We are a development tannery that can execute in a large scale. Our task oriented process takes projects from concept to finished product, working closely with brands and factories to ensure that we are making the right product at the right price and delivering.


This takes a lot of service and hustle, that’s why we have a small and strategic customer-base to ensure that we can walk-the-talk. It’s hard, but we’ve been working this way for a long time.



We offer a wide variety of innovative products across multiple raw materials. Our products range from full-grain cow hide to splits and goat leather. We even have a performance finishing process called TecTuff on spits and synthetic substrates.


Commitment to Excellence


We have been proudly awarded a Silver Rating by Leather Working Group third party auditing for the leather industry. We strive to go above and beyond industry standards. We work closely with raw material and chemical suppliers to offer the most sustainable and environmentally aware products in an ever shrinking and globally minded world.

Specialty leathers are here and looking good.

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Phone: +852 2793 0083