Asiatan Leather Development



At Asiatan, we strive to provide the most interesting and compelling leathers on the market.


We strive to provide our customers with a pallet of customizable leather options with full featured customer service.


We live for leather!



We are a development tannery that can execute on a large scale. We offer a wide variety of innovative products across multiple raw materials. Our products range from full-grain cow hide to splits and goat leather. We even have a performance finishing process called TecTuff on splits and synthetic substrates.


Our task oriented process takes projects from concept to finished product, working closely with brands and factories to ensure that we are making and delivering the right product at the right price.


This takes a lot of service and hustle; That’s why we have a small and strategic customer-base to ensure that we can walk-the-talk. It’s hard, but we’ve been working this way for a long time.

Commitment to Excellence


Asiatan has been proudly awarded a Silver Rating by the Leather Working Group (LWG) for its continued emphasis on environmentally sustainable business practices.



Environmental Responsibility



As an environmentally progressive tannery, Asiatan is continuously adopting and implementing new ideas to reduce the environmental impact of its tannery process. From being amongst the first tanneries in Jiangmen to put an end to the use of steam boilers in its leather tanning process to the use of only water based chemicals in its finishing process, Asiatan continues to set a standard for other tanneries to follow. We work closely with raw material and chemical suppliers to offer the most sustainable and environmentally aware products.



Environmental Management System (EMS)



Asiatan puts environmental management at the heart of its operations to achieve sustainable success. Asiatan is ISO 14001:2004 certified; an international standard for organizations to fulfil their environmental obligations and reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.



Asiatan EMS maps out a framework to follow, assisting us in continually assessing our environmental performance. Asiatan EMS is integrated with the leather manufacturing process to help improve and manage resources more effectively. All inputs including raw materials, water, energy and chemicals are managed to optimize resource consumption while reducing Asiatan’s environmental impact.



Asiatan Environmental internal audits and review meetings are conducted on a monthly basis with the aim to improve our environmental standards. Asiatan documents every aspect of its environmental performance which enables us to identify opportunities to improve while providing a benchmark for comparison against other tanneries. By closely monitoring and implementing energy, waste and water reduction programs, Asiatan continues to minimize energy and material input; thereby reducing our ecological footprint.



Click here for Asiatan EMS Policy


Click here for Results of Air Emissions Test


Click here for Results of Waste Water Treatment Test



Recycling Practices



Asiatan is continually trying to find new ways to recycle water, storage and packaging material. The following are just some of the ways in which Asiatan uses recycling to reduce its ecological footprint.



    • Asiatan recycles used water back into the facility, from drum cleaning to re-drumming during the tanning process.


    • Recycled water is used in the manufacturing process for the washing of leather and in the formula for particular leathers during drumming.


    • Asiatan only purchases and uses recycled cardboard packaging, for packing and shipping of finished leather to its customers.


    • Asiatan only purchases and uses wooden pallets made of recycled compressed wood for packing and shipping.


    • Used chemical plastic containers are cleaned and re-purposed for storage within the facility.


    • Polyethylene wrap is re-used in the packing and storage of wet blue leather in the facility.


  • Shaving waste is collected and sent for the manufacturing of particle board



RSL Standards



Keeping in mind the health and safety of the consumer and the environment, Asiatan follows strict guidelines for the procurement of raw materials and in the manufacturing of leather with regards to Restrictive Substances. The Asiatan RSL Standard is based on the most stringent worldwide legislation and RSL guidelines set forth by some of the largest footwear manufacturing brands. All suppliers of Asiatan raw materials are made to sign the Asiatan RSL Standard declaration annually. Additionally, all leather and chemicals are put through rigorous third party testing by accredited labs thru the year to make sure that Asiatan RSL standards are complied with.


Click here for Asiatan Restricted Substances Standard



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